The archives of the Irish Railway Record Society span more than one and a half centuries and document the development of railways throughout Ireland from their earliest beginnings in the 1830s up to the present day. The society’s archive is managed voluntarily and to assist research, the archival records and their purposes are categorised as follows: 



The archive contains personnel records of staff employed on various Irish railway companies covering the 19th and early 20th century period. For further details click here.


Company Records

In addition to personnel records, the archive contains material useful for researching the management and operations of various Irish railway companies. For further details click here.


Photographs & Films

The society’s Flickr photo-stream features material from its photographic archives, covering a wide variety of railway subjects. Our Youtube channel showcases films from our archives. For further details click here.


Maps & Drawings

Railway companies amassed huge collections of historical maps and drawings, from station architecture to blue-prints of locomotives designs, some of which reside in the society’s archive. For further details click here.

********Archival Enquires and Visitors Information********

The society is an entirely voluntarily operation and it is not always feasible to fulfil requests concerning its archive. Please do not anticipate prompt responses to requests, as these are dependant on the nature and time available for volunteers. The society endeavours to assist where possible and within reason of its available resources.

It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to contact the society prior to contemplating visiting the archive so that you may be accommodated on the date of your visit. Prospective visitors must therefore:

  1. Contact the Society prior to visiting the archive, providing with detail and clarity the nature of your research.
  2. Consult the Rules and Regulations of the archive. 

IRRS is located opposite Heuston Station carpark, Dublin, on the northside of the station adjacent to the River Liffey 

For Archive Opening Times & Regulations, please click here. General enquries should be directed to