Donations and Bequests

The Irish Railway Record Society welcomes bequests which assist its work or add to its archives and library. If you are considering a bequest, the Society has drawn up a guidance note which can be downloaded by clicking here. Please contact regarding any prospective donations. 

Among the objectives for which the IRRS was founded 70 years ago, is the collection for the preservation of records of the history of Ireland’s railways. Thus we particularly welcome bequests of railway memorabilia, including;

  • books
  • historical records
  • photographs, negatives, slides, films
  • maps and drawings
  • monetary donations

May we ask you to take steps in good time to arrange any gifts or donations for the Society.  Also we ask those who have any knowledge of suitable collections in danger of being discarded to inform us so that the precious relics of our past may not be lost to posterity.  The care of such treasures is our contribution to the history and people of Ireland which but for our voluntary efforts might otherwise be neglected and perhaps lost for ever.

The Society is also interested in railway material being loaned to the IRRS on a temporary basis for the purpose of copying and augmenting our archival database, before being returned to their owners as per agreed terms.