IRRS Journal 209: Trams + Enterprise 75


IRRS Journal No. 209 (October 2022) has now been dispatched to members via email*. This edition includes Part Two of our feature on 75-Years of Dublin/Belfast ‘Enterprise’ express services, as well as the subjects on railway signalling and telecommunications, both showcasing many illustrations from the Society’s archives, as well as the regular News and special features. Full contents below:

  • Trams and the Irish Railway Record Society
  • The Enterprise Express (Part Two) 1981-2021, Barry Carse
  • Distant Points, David Stirling
  • Connecting a Nation, Deryck Fay
  • Broadstone Revisited – Again, Richard Maund
  • Observations and Comments
  • Publications
  • Carson’s Great Northern Scrapbook
  • Irish Railway News
  • Royal Railway Events

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*The Society intends in due course to print this issue and to distribute it to our members in the usual way.


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